Like tongues of fire

Where Mary is, there also is the Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes over the community that met with her in the Upper Room. Whoever wants to evangelize cannot do so without the Spirit of Jesus. But, you say, “how do we know it is in me?” The action of the Spirit in us is discernible only by faith. Whoever is baptized and confirmed can and must believe that the Spirit is indeed given him or her.  It is in our awareness of being baptized in our faith in Jesus Christ, rooted in the certainty of having received the gift of the Spirit who inspires our actions and our words.

The one who is converted is revealed in all weakness; but feels no disappointment nor bitterness. He or she knows that one is loved by God with an infinite love. This experience of the Spirit is none other than God’s forgiveness, the gift of love that remakes us beyond our faults, beyond our mediocrity.