The FIAT Association is very attentive to live its apostolate in harmony with the teaching of the Catholic Church and with her pastors. Through its ‘initiatives’, the FIAT Association proposes to participate in the mission of the Church by integrating into the parish fabric or by participating in other Church services.

Humbly and in its own way, for the part that is his, the FIAT Association wants to respond to the call of the Second Vatican Council, appeal to every Christian who by his Baptism is sent in mission. It emphasizes especially its vocation “to be always and everywhere, in words and in acts, witnesses of Christ and of the Love of his Divine Heart”.

TOGO in Viëtnam

Jesus Christ, delivering us and offering us the Gospel, offers us a path of happiness. Through our Baptism, we have the mission to share the gospel with anyone that Providence brings on our way. For the Christian, to live from the mercy of the Father and to witness humbly and courageously gives deep meaning to one’s life.

Always, Mary lead us to Christ. For that the FIAT Association proposes ‘a way of faith with Mary’. In this sense, the FIAT prayer and the FIAT rosary and various writings offer us a spiritual dynamism.

For 35 years, the apostolate of the FIAT Association has benefited from prayer and support, financial support from Friends of FIAT, as well as encouragement from the Church. This double encouragement therefore invites us to continue the FIAT apostolate.

To date, we have received – from more than 120 countries – applications for FIAT rosaries and ‘FIAT writings’. It is a joy to be able to work in the heart of the Church.

The FIAT group – as John Paul II loved to call us – still gives thanks to the Lord!

Pope Francis says: “Rather than being just a Church that welcomes and receives with open doors, let us rather try to be a Church that walks new paths, that is able to transcend itself and reach out to those  who do not know her, or who have left or become indifferent… .

 … We must preach the Gospel everywhere, preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and thereby heal every sickness and wound with our preaching.”

(“Streven” cultural social monthly magazine, November 2013)

TOGO Viëtnam