The Hidden Hand of God – Cardinal Suenens


Product Description

The Hidden Hand of God is a sequel to Memories and Hopes, for which Cardinal Suenens was awarded the Grand Prix de la Francophonie by the Académie Française, in tribute to the whole body of his work.

This book deals with the unexpected, the chance events which have profoundly marked the Cardinal’s life. In particular, it deals with his close collaboration, over a period of almost fifty years, with a remarkable Irish woman, Veronica O’Brien, who was also very close to Pope Paul VI and to Cardinal Benelli; their trust in her allowed her to play a discreet but decisive role in the events which were to lead ti Rome’s acceptance of the Charismatic Renewal. The complementarity of Cardinal Suenens’ relationship with Veronica O’Brien sheds light on the current debate on the role of women in the Church, and provides a prophetic message for today.


330 pages.
ISBN: 1-85390-227-6