Understanding what the Lord has said

Here is a second fruit of the Spirit that ripens in the hearts of those where he lives: the Spirit leads them to discover and read Scripture at a much deeper level. Indeed, the experience of the Holy Spirit is usually associated with a new understanding, with a deeper and more fruitful understanding of the Gospel. Certain words or deeds of Jesus, who hitherto had little impact and were not really understood, suddenly make sense.

In “Evangelii Gaudium”, Pope Francis tells us that “the Word of God invites us to recognize that we are one people,” ‘You who once were not a people, and who are now the People of God’ (1 Peter 2: 10). To be authentic evangelizers, we also need to develop the spiritual taste for being close to people’s lives, to discover that it is a source of greater joy. The mission is a passion for Jesus, but at the same time, a passion for his people.

When we stop before Jesus crucified, we recognize his love that makes us worthy and sustains us; but at the same time, if we are not blind, we begin to see that the gaze of Jesus expands and moves, full of affection and zeal towards all his people. Thus, we rediscover that he wants to use us, to become ever closer to his beloved people. He takes us from the people and sends us to his people, so that our identity is not understood without this membership”. (nr. 268).