Has nothing happened so far?

The call for a “new” evangelization often raises the question: “Has nothing been done for the Gospel up to today? All the labor performed by the Church – and often at great cost – was that not “evangelization”? Are we worn out from doing nothing for all these centuries?”

Of course not! Yet the evangelization to which we are invited today really is “new”. What has changed ‒ and radically ‒ is the area where our message must be sown. Faith is often relegated to the narrow field of privacy, and many of our contemporaries believe they can live without God.

Today, the situation is not the same and the proclamation of faith must take other paths. The land where the good grain of the God’s Word must be thrown bristles with new obstacles, yet the germination strength of germination that seed has not diminished: today as yesterday the Holy Spirit is there.