The Marian dimension in all evangelization

In the Reign of God, new life is the result of a confident “yes”, of a heart converted to obedience. Isn’t Mary the one who gave the total “yes” of faith? It is she who first committed to take the path of humble surrender to the will of God, by which every person comes to new life. So in some fashion we are all born of Mary, one by one. It is within her “yes” that we welcome the Gospel; it is by virtue of this “yes” that our testimony bears fruit.

In the light of faith, indeed, evangelization cannot be reduced to simple human labor, a propaganda technique: to evangelize is a much more a mission to the world, it is the work of childbirth. It is to enter into the motherhood of Mary, the new Eve, who becomes the true “mother of all the living” engaging the total Body of Christ. All evangelization therefore participates in this way in the mystery of Mary.

The “yes” of Mary does not belong to the past. It stretches out until the Body of Christ reaches its full stature, until God is “all in all.” That’s why it’s hard to evangelize without Mary. But there are still other reasons.