In conclusion

To finish these few guidelines about our mission as baptized, I would like, once again, to refer to the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium,” in which the Holy Father highlights the tenderness of Mary, mother of evangelization:

“Mary is the one who can turn a cave for animals into a house for Jesus with poor swaddling clothes and a mountain of tenderness. She is the little servant of the Father who rejoices in praise. She is always attentive that the wine is not lacking in our lives. She is the one whose heart is pierced by the spear, the one who understands all human troubles. As mother of all, she is a sign of hope for the people who suffer the pains of childbirth until justice is born. She is the missionary who is near us and accompanies us throughout our lives life, opening our hearts to faith with maternal affection. As a true mother, she walks with us, fights with us, and bestows constantly the love of God so close to us.” (Nr. 286).