Evangelizing: “a work from on high”

Certainly much has already been spoken, written, and put into practice when it comes to evangelization! The farmer must watch over his field well, accurately assessing the obstacles as well as favorable elements and adapting his tools. There is no denying that this applies to evangelization as well with much daily effort and attention to little tasks.

For seeds to germinate, it is not enough to know the land and possess adequate professional knowledge. Any farmer knows this: the quality of the crop depends primarily on the sun and the rain. Likewise, for evangelization it is the work of the “power from on High,” the Holy Spirit. He who sows for the Reign of God knows it: true fertility can only come from above. Again, it is God who makes the ground fertile and gives strength to the seed so it can germinate. On the day of the first Pentecost, it was the Holy Spirit who gave Peter the strength to proclaim the Gospel. Thus, those who want to preach the Gospel must first have gathered in the Upper Room with Mary to receive the fire of the Spirit.