A human evangelization

Sometimes we are tempted to consider evangelization as a kind of advertising campaign for our Church. This danger is always there. Mary warns us against this. She reminds us: It is Christ ‒ living person ‒ whom we are called to bring to the world. The one we are announcing is Jesus, our “brother in humanity” fully human within humankind. Mary brings us constantly to the realism of the humanity of Jesus.

Similarly, “Mary is also a guarantee of humanity in the Church, and in the world. She is wife and mother. Like all mothers, she has a sense of people and of their diversities She has a refined sense of the concrete, of the practical, of life. Marie treats each person individually, one by one. She humanizes the world of technology and the struggle for life.” (Cardinal LJ Suenens, A New Pentecost? 1974, p. 243).