A Good Group Management

The Cenacle cell is not a discussion group, nor a bible study group. It is oriented above all to the proclamation of the Good News and to our personal witness in word and deed.

In order for a meeting to run smoothly, punctuality is important both at the beginning and at the end. In order for the group to keep going, meeting times should be limited to an hour and a half. If the group becomes too large for everyone to be able to participate, it is better to split it up during the times of sharing, or else to create two independent cells. The cells are by their nature called to multiply.

In order to create at atmosphere of prayer and listening, it is very helpful to have a little altar around which the group can gather. One could, for instance, cover a small table with a cloth and place on it an icon of the Trinity and of Mary, a small candle and if possible some flowers.

The meeting place can be simple, but this does not mean it cannot be pleasant (in terms of decoration, temperature, quiet, etc.). It should have the appropriate number of chairs for all the participants.

The meeting can rotate among the different members of the group. It is a good idea not to organize meals, but to provide a small snack following the meeting.

Discretion is essential. This has several implications: discretion about what we have heard, discretion regarding the members’ private lives.