Participating in the mission of the Church

Many Christians are therefore looking for food for their faith in instruction and encouragement to live as a Christian. They take care of their souls.

But there is also concern for the other. A true Christian is not focused on just himself or herself. The Christian breaks out of the closed circle around self and goes out to others. The true Christian is a missionary.

That missionary dimension is when people called out to a charitable or social service, to spiritual guidance from others or to Biblical formation, liturgy and catechesis. The one does that in the parish, the other in the diocese; another at international level. The consignment may be something simple.

The call to mission is not to activism, but a calling to help build the community from out of Christ’s love for every human being. Let us not be afraid to humbly share, with others, our joy of being Christians. The forms of that mission may be different, but there is one element that we cannot avoid: the mission of prayer. To that we all are invited.

A place – a small Cenacle – is needed so that Christians can meet together. Those small groups that we can call “Cenacle Groups” or “Cenacle cells” are deeply inspired by the first Cenacle, where the apostles, united with Mary, waited for the Holy Spirit that the Lord had promised them.

As Christians support one another in their faith and in their service to the people, we grow as a Christian community.