Evangelical zeal

The Christian is called to witness, at the heart of the world, to the existence of the Trinitarian God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who calls us to enter into an intimate relationship with Him, as the Virgin Mary was called to do at the Annunciation.

The spirituality of the Christian of the third millennium will be at once profoundly filial and universally fraternal, under the impetus of the Holy Spirit. As a baptized person, a Christian will in essence be an evangelizer, for he or she cannot conceal the joy that dwells within him or her nor the mission received from Jesus to “Go and teach all the nations.”

The book “The Christian at the Dawn of a New Era” (Cardinal Suenens – 1996) ends with an “evangelical commitment” which is presented as a spiritual journey, and which gives us at the same time the necessary signposts for every action undertaken: “go and bear fruit and that your fruit may abide” (Jn.15.16).