Putting prayer into action

An introduction to the latest FIAT-booklet “Putting prayer into action” (Card. Suenens) 
by Prof. Em. Jan Van der Veken

From now on all ages will call me blessed(Lk 1,48b), words that have truly been fulfilled. In the prayer of successive generations, Mary has always had an important place with the emphasis sometimes put on the greeting of the angel and Elizabeth. So, we are invited to venerate Mary for the great things the Lord has done to her.

In his encyclical Marialis Cultus, Pope Paul VI clearly indicates that the prayer of the rosary – the Marian prayer par excellence – is above all a way to contemplate, with Mary, the mysteries of the life of Jesus.

To emphasize this aspect, the FIAT rosary attaches great importance to contemplation and meditation on the mysteries of the life of Jesus. Meditation on a selection of mysteries from the life of Jesus is the very heart of the FIAT rosary, in other words, like the life of Mary, the FIAT rosary is profoundly Christocentric.

The FIAT rosary is proposed to us so that our life can be more like that of Christ: the sacraments transform our life. As explicated in the FIAT prayer: the prayer of the rosary must increase in us the intensity of our sacramental life.

To regularly meditate on the mysteries of the life of Jesus with Mary, gradually transforms us into proclaimers of the Good News. This is how the FIAT Rosary is a simple but powerful instrument for the evangelization of families, parishes, and Christian groups.

And finally, Mary is the “Urbild der Kirche,” “the figure of the Church.” As in the Cenacle, praying with Mary means always praying with the Church. We pray in union with her for the Church and for the world.

To say “yes,” in union with Mary, is to follow Mary in her “fiat,” with great gratitude for the wonders of the Lord operative in her and in the Church.

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