Letter to an unbeliever – King Baudouin

Why I believe

The King’s faith was neither a matter of theory nor speculation; rather was it something he lived out in the logic of daily life. Among his letters there is one, dated 1984, which he shared with me one day, in which he outlines simply why he is a believer. It is addressed to someone who had written to him full of rebellion and indignation against everything that is even remotely related to religion or accepted ways of behaving.

The King’s response is direct, personal, full of tact, and avoids argument. He quite simply lays bare his own spiritual journey. His profession of faith is simple, honest, straight.

A profession of faith

“When I open my eyes and look around me, I rediscover God’s love for me and for all humanity. I notice that, every time people try to live the Gospel, as Jesus teaches us, that is, to love each other as He has loved us, things begin to change: aggression, distress, sadness give way to peace and joy.

I can assure you that, for many years, despite all my faults and failings, I have experienced this peace and this joy, and that, despite the difficulties and divisions all around us. None of us on our own can maintain this peace and joy in our heart. But Jesus has promised it to anyone who is ready to follow him.

When I was still a teenager, I discovered that God, in the person of Jesus, loved us and loved me with a love that is foolish, but very real. That he suffered the most excruciating torture in order to save us, to save me, to save each one of us personally from the grip of evil, and to enable us to share, if we so will, in his divine life. That, if we accept him, his Father will become our Father, my Father. That Mary, his mother, will also become my mother, our mother.

From that day on my life changed. By that I mean my way of looking at things, because I’m afraid I’m still the same poor chap, with the same faults as before. But my weaknesses don’t discourage me any longer; on the contrary, they provide me with a reason for trusting totally in the allpowerful strength of my Father who is also your Father.

Almost every day since then, I have seen tangible signs of the Love of God in my life. Fabiola has been, and continues to be, one of the most outstanding of these. On a few rare occasions, I have wondered whether this wasn’t too good to be true, a figment of my imagination, the stuff of fairy tales rather than of cold reality. I have felt that we are all abandoned to a more or less cruel fate in a world where it is a case of every one for himself and where might is right.”


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