Called to be a personal witness – Cardinal Suenens

Not everyone is called to a ‘ministry of evangelisation’, but everyone is called to be a personal witness, to give account of “the faith that is in them”, as St Peter enjoined. And that arises from life itself, from the desire ‘always and everywhere’, in little ways and in great, to be a person in whom the Gospel is seen lived out in daily life.

We are frequently asked not to speak, not to proclaim the Gospel in today’s world because, so people say, our world is not ready to hear the Message.

To that we must reply first of all by saying that the message of the Gospel is such that nobody had ever heard, since the source of our redemption in the only Son of God and our deification in him is beyond anything that the “eye has seen or ear has heard”, beyond your wildest hopes.

The Gospel shows us how Jesus calls his first disciples: with the brief words :”Follow me”; and they left their father, their boat, their tax-collectors desk.

The Lord’s call, addressed to each of us, is varied, nuanced in its overtures, but radical at heart.
Jesus invites us to follow him, to walk in his footsteps.


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